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Goods Idea Privacy Policy

Fumitaka Hijino (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”) treats the personal information regarding users of Goods Idea provided by the Provider (hereinafter referred to as the “User Information”) as follows.

Scope of This Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to all services related to Goods Idea (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). When stipulating the handling of the User Information particularly in other privacy policy or the terms and conditions of use etc. for each service (hereinafter referred to as the “Particular Contract”), the Particular Contract is also applied . If there is inconsistency in this Privacy Policy and Particular Contract, the Particular Contract will take precedence.

User Information To Be Acquired and Purposes of Use
The Provider acquires and uses the User Information as follows in the Service.

Information to receive
In using the Service by users, users may be requested to provide the following information. Although providing the information is optional for users, if you can not provide them, you may not be able to use the Service or part of the Service.

• Account Registration Information
When users start using the Service, users may register their phone numbers, email addresses, etc. This information is used for logging in to the Service by users, identifying users on the Service, etc.

• Profile information
Users may register their profile information (display name on the Service, icon image etc.) for the purpose of smooth use of the Service and making communication between users better. Profile information can be viewed on the Service and other users who use the Service.

Service usage information
• Cookie
In order to measure the effectiveness of advertisements, to provide more interested guidance, to improve user’s convenience such as preservation of user’s setting contents and for security, such as maintaining and protecting sessions, etc., Cookies may be used to provide better service by grasping the number of visits, usage patterns for the Service used by users, the scale of users, and so on. In addition, the Service may use Google Analytics.

•Access Log
Information such as IP address, browser type, browser language, etc. may be automatically generated and saved when users use the Service. In addition, the information is used to analyze the user environment, to provide better service, and to prevent fraudulent acts that interfere with providing the Service.

• Information on service usage
In the Service, in order to provide services to users, we may automatically obtain information on usage status that users have carried out through the Service. For example, users themselves can send and post texts, images and other information (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”), but the information are transmitted via servers used by the Provider, and at this time, contents of the Contents, data format, operation date and time etc. may be recorded on the server.

•Device information
The Provider may acquire device information (OS, terminal identification information, computer name, language setting etc.) used by users. The information will be used for better service provision and to prevent fraudulent acts that disturb the identity verification and providing the Service.

• Information on The Use of Services Managed by Third Parties
The Provider may receive the User Information from a third party, namely, a partner enterprise that manages its own service or a partner enterprise that operates a service in cooperation with the Service, to provide the best service to users. In addition, when a user uses a service in cooperation with a third party, the Provider may automatically issue and share internal identifiers to link the User Information of users to the service with the third party.

Purpose of Using The User Information
The Provider will use the acquired the User Information for the following purposes.

· To provide, improve and develop the Service
· For security and to prevent fraudulent use of the Service
· Personalize, for ad delivery

Providing Third Party with The User Information
The Provider will not provide the User Information to third parties without users’ consent, except when it is permitted by law. However, except in the following case(s).

• When providing the minimum necessary information for user identification by a partner, such as when a user uses a service in cooperation with a third party

User rights
Users can confirm and correct information such as registered e-mail address and password on the Service. Users can also delete their account.

Providing personal information from User to the Provider is optional, but if users can not provide the necessary information, the users may not be able to use all or part of the Service.

Information on Delete Users
When deletion of the account of the Service, the User Information will be processed appropriately according to relevant laws and regulations.

About Child User Information
If a user under the age of 15 uses this service and enter the User Information, please do so with the consent of the parents.

Revision of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be revised. We will announce the revised contents in an easy-to-understand way for important changes.

Contact Us
If users have any questions about this privacy policy or users have any questions, complaints or consultation regarding handling of the User Information in the Service, please contact us.

Established March 17, 2018

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